Since November 2011, we have been fostering kittens for the SPCA, a truly enriching and delightful experience. When the kittens reach a suitable weight they are speyed and then offered for adoption at the SPCA.
We will post photos here of kittens as they become available.

The teflon tabbies, so named because they stick to you like teflon!
Princess Lollipop and Princess Bonbon sneaking some Whiskas!!!
Kohi, too cute!

Princess Lollipop(white) and Princess Bonbon(grey)

On the top left we have Robbie (as in Smokey Robinson due to his smokey grey colouring), Georgie (as in BOY Geoarge coz he's too cute to be a boy), Lil Blue (he's a blue grey baby and  was a blue wee boy when found, but so cuddly now!), Princess Bon Bon and Princess Lollipop are now permanent oompaloompas at Candyland! They are being fitted for trainee fairy wings!

Nope they are off! Too many things to explore to stay put! 

These are some of our favourtie sites supporting rescue animals....   Cahined dog awareness


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