About Us

Candyland was originally a cheese factory started in the 1950's but decommissioned in the early 1980s.

Candyland was opened over 25 years ago. the vision of a semi retired candymaker, Bill Coker.

After selling a successful food manufacturing business , he wanted to show how old fashioned candy was made before the art was lost for good. Set up specifically as a tourist attraction, Candyland has grown over the years into a multi million dollar business, hosting many groups from all over the world and New Zealand.

And now the kids that came through 25 years ago are bringing their own children!


Always a believer you should have your candy and eat it too, we have modified many of the recipes to suit vegan, gluten free and dairy free candy-holics. Experimenting now with raw food, and introducing fair trade organic ingredients, Candyland is bringing in and developing a fabulous range of candies that taste good. And you wont be scraping the kids off the ceilings when they eat the yummy good for you candies.

Our candies made here use  natural flavours and colours and no preservatives.

We support other New Zealand manufacturers and supply a large range of old fashioned candies from days gone by.


We recycle as much as possible, all check out bags are biodegradable, our water is from roof rain water and waste water goes into septic tanks to be treated naturally recycled onto pasture. All box packaging is reused or recycled and even our kitchen scraps feed our  animals or the compost. All our cleaning products are natural based e.g. vinegar and washing soda crystals.

And best of all our building is recycled, reusing and preserving  a beautiful piece of New Zealand's history!


Browse through the shop, finding some of your favorites from days gone by. Or make your own lollipop in our Candymaking show.


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